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Since 1976, Mud Hog systems have been first in rear-wheel-drive technology for combines. We provide over 100 unique, ready-to-install RWD systems to over 5,000 dealers and OEMs across the globe that fit nearly every make and model of harvesting equipment on the market.
Our Brand
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In the early 70s, a Central Indiana farmer was determined to find a way to get his crops out of the ground. The idea for Mud Hog, a hydraulic-powered rear axle that runs off the machine's existing hydraulic system, was born and changed our harvesting capabilities forever. 

Our Products
CNH Axle.png

The original Mud Hog RWD axle (pictured left) is designed for full-time use, improving the maneuverability and rear-end flotation of your combine without

sacrificing turning radius. The powered X-Tracks (pictured right) are a 100% bolt-on rear track solution that gives you even more traction for the toughest conditions.

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Over the last 40 years, we've built connections with over 5,000 dealers across the globe. If your axle needs serviced or repaired, you can take your combine to your preferred dealer. If you want to service the axle yourself, give us a call to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Availability & Installation
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Our axles are available at any time -- order from the factory on your new combine or as an aftermarket kit for an existing 2WD combine from your preferred dealer. With kits available for almost every make and model of combine, you never have to be without a Mud Hog again.

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